blog-iconPilgrim Pathways:  Notes for a Diaspora People.

One of the smartest Christian blogs around.  Written by Baptist theologian and peace activist Michael Westmoreland-White, the site is well-written, erudite, informative, and challenges entire herds of sacred cows.  Michael’s last entry was in July, which doesn’t bode well for the future.  But the archives are rich.

On Being:  with Krista Tippet.

A Public Broadcasting Radio show and blog that draws out the intellectual and spiritual content of religion that should nourish our common life, but that is often obscured precisely when religion enters the news.  The show and blog’s sustained growth has also been nurtured by a cultural shift that seeks conversation, shared life, and problem-solving within and across religious traditions and across categories of belief and non-belief.

Vicar of H Street.

Rebecca Zartman is a young woman on a mission … literally.  Follow this blog to see how one woman is making Christianity relevant in today’s world.  She’s promises us a fancier blog, but honestly, the content is worth reading!

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