Give Us This Day: Daily Prayer For Today’s Catholic.

A wonderful compilation of morning and evening prayer as well as daily readings for Mass, this new series, published electronically and in print, offers Catholics and non-Catholics alike a rich resource for daily devotions. Especially good for lectio divina purposes are the meditations offered by the likes of James Martin, S.J., Robert Ellsberg, and Kathleen Norris.

Hermitary: Resources and Reflections on Hermits and Solitudes.

Ideal for anyone attracted to solitude, this site offers original articles on religious hermits and anchorites as well as reprints of classic texts. Especially fascinating are the profiles of hermits in the world today, ranging from Chinese Buddhists to New Age Shamans to Orthodox Priests.


Tricycle provides a unique and independent public forum for exploring Buddhism, establishing a dialogue between Buddhism and the broader culture, and introducing Buddhist thinking to Western disciplines. This approach has enabled Tricycle to successfully attract readers from all walks of life, many of whom desire to enrich their lives through a deeper knowledge of Buddhist traditions.

WebsitesJesus Radicals.

Inspired especially by French theologian Jacques Ellul, the folks who write for “Jesus Radicals” consider themselves Christian anarchists—meaning, minimally, that they accept no political or social authority that trumps Christ’s. Features interesting discussions of culture, the environment, the economy and—despite the site’s commitment to anarchism—politics.

ICC: International Christian Concern.

An informational and advocacy site about the worldwide persecution of Christians. Offers real time updates on persecution, profiles of Christians under arrest because of their faith, global data, and ways to help. One of the few sites taking seriously the fact that Christianity has become the most persecuted religion in the world today.

Orthodox Christian Information Center.

A huge site devoted to all things Orthodox. Ideal for explorers as well as committed Orthodox Christians, it hosts close to 900 articles dealing with spirituality, theology, morality, church history, liturgy, and ecumenism. Also features an Orthodox Saint of the Day calendar.

Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration.

A site devoted to environmentalism from an Orthodox Perspective. Its stated purpose is “to hallow God’s Name ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ by seeking the transfiguration of creation through the activation of the Christian calling toward transfigured life.”


Tikkun’s progressive commentaries are rooted in both Judaism and also interfaith.  This is the unique promise of prophetic Jewish tradition. These lines from Isaiah about the future were taken by our rabbis and placed at the center of the Jewish High Holiday tradition:  “My house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” The idea was not that everyone would convert to Judaism, but that in one place all the different traditions of the world could be together in mutual harmony and celebrate the grandeur and mystery of being itself! So Tikkun is a Jewish voice, but it is also an interfaith voice.

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